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Illustration of a Curtiss Biplane

Curtiss Biplane USA

The Curtiss Biplane flown at Dominguez Field in 1910 was similar to the aeroplane used by Glenn Curtiss at the Reims Air Meet of 1909. Curtiss had been designing and producing aeroplanes since 1908 and won the Gorden Bennett Cup at Reims for reaching a flying speed of 46.5 miles per hour. One of the noticeable differences between the Curtiss Biplane and other craft of the period was its unusual tricycle landing gear design.

a Video Clip of this plane in flight is available in the Video Section of the website.

Basic Information

WingspanHeightLengthWeight Fully LoadedEnginePower
30 ft. 10 in.11 ft.31 ft. 1 in.816 lbs.1 Water-cooled Curtiss E-4 4-cylinder inline engine or E-8 engine25 hp or 50 hp

Illustration of a Curtiss Biplane

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Picture of a Curtiss Biplane Picture of a Curtiss Biplane