A total of 120 semester units must be completed through instruction and/or
assessment options.  In addition to the major, students must complete:

  1. General Education requirements and Electives (if needed) 
  2. Satisfaction of the American Institutions requirement in U.S. History, U.S. Constitution
    and California State and Local Government
  3. Satisfaction of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) by exam (GWE)
    or course by the time 84 units is reached

Students can transfer a maximum of 70 units/105 quarter units from a community college and
a maximum of 96 units from a four-year institution.  For General Education advisement, contact the University Advisement Center via phone (310-243-3538 or 800-344-5484, x3538) or email (uac@csudh.edu, put “Nursing” in the subject line).

BSN Nursing Courses             
Course Number            Course Title and Semester Units

A. Support Courses (6 units)                                                                      
BSN 306* Human Diversity and Health Care - 3 units
BSN 346* Pathophysiology - 3 units
*can be taken via challenge exam through CSUDH

B. Integrated Nursing Courses (40 units)
BSN 302 Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice - 3 units
BSN 307 Health Care Informatics and Technology - 3 units
BSN 340 Professional Collaboration in Nursing Practice - 3 units
BSN 380 Health Assessment - 3 units
BSN 381L Health Assessment Skills Laboratory - 1 unit
BSN 400 Health Promotion and Teaching - 3 units
BSN 408 Gerontological Nursing Practice 3 units
BSN 410 Community Based Nursing I - 3 units
BSN 411 Home Health Role Performance - 2 units
BSN 420 Community Based Nursing II - 3 units
BSN 421 Public Health Role Performance - 2 units
BSN 430 Health Care Systems, Policy and Finance - 3 units
BSN 450 Nursing Leadership and Management - 3 units
BSN 451 Leadership and Management Role Performance - 2 units
BSN 460 Research in Nursing Practice - 3 units

C. Elective Course (1-4 units)
BSN 494 Independent Study
Note: Student may earn additional 3-6 units from a Humanities course and/or an English Composition course.

Performance Courses
The following courses are the clinical components designated as role
performance courses for BSN 380, 410, 420, and 450 (respectively):

BSN 381L (1 unit)           Health Assessment Skills Seminar
BSN 411L (2 units)         Community Based Nursing I (Home Health Role Performance)
BSN 421L (2 units)         Community Based Nursing II (Public Health Role Performance)
BSN 451L (2 units)         Leadership and Management in Nursing Role Performance

Performance courses occur in a clinical field setting and involve a clinical preceptor as well
as the course instructor.  All performance courses have TBA (to-be-assigned) dates and
hours in addition to those listed in the class schedule.  Refer to the course syllabus and the
Clinical Handbook For Role Performance Courses for more specific information.  The Handbook
can be downloaded from the School of Nursing homepage (www.csudh.edu/cps/son).

The examples of the plan of student can be found at http://www4.csudh.edu/son/programs/rn-bsn/curriculum