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College of Health, Human Services and Nursing
Location: Welch Hall A-310
Phone: (310) 243-2046
Fax: (310) 217-2800

For more information related to the College, please contact Dean's Office : 310-243-2042


Mission & Values


The College prepares knowledgeable, competent and effective professionals, committed to improving lifelong health and wellness, development and overall adaptability in a diverse and evolving society. We emphasize excellence in teaching, scholarship and practice.


A healthy, informed and adaptable citizenry is the foundation of a strong society. The College will become the academic hub for learning, training and practice in health, human services and nursing. We will study and develop solutions to critical problems in the field, build meaningful and sustained relationships with the community, and be globally relevant.


  1. Academic rigor
  2. High standards in teaching, scholarship and service
  3. Collaborative approach and competitive performance
  4. Professional and ethical conduct
  5. Meaningful partnerships and service to the community


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