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CSU Dominguez Hills alumni celebrated the Class of 2010 with a special processional
Alumni News
Caption BulletCSU Dominguez Hills alumni celebrated the Class of 2010 with a special processional; photo by Joanie Harmon

Alumni Return to CSU Dominguez Hills for Commencement Exercises

Thirty-four alumni of California State University, Dominguez Hills returned to their alma mater on May 21 to march in a traditional Alumni Processional during the commencement ceremony for the College of Business Administration and Public Policy (CBAPP). Coming from as near as Carson and as far as Quartz Hill, the graduates spanned the university’s last five decades in history and its diversity of educational opportunity in their achievements.

Gail Bosfield (Class of ’99, B.A., human services; ’04, M.A., education) followed the example of her mother Saundra Bosfield (Class of ’99, M.S., nursing/nurse education) and attended CSU Dominguez Hills. The two participated in the Alumni Processional.

“Participating in the ceremony was a great reminder of the excitement of my own ceremonies of receiving my bachelor’s and master’s degrees,” said Gail Bosfield, who is a social worker for children and adults with developmental disabilities at the Regional Center of Orange County. “I wish the Class of 2010 the best and to never give up on their dreams! Everything can be accomplished through hard work and dedication.”

Alumni are welcomed back to CSU Dominguez Hills by President Mildred García.

“Taking part in the ceremony as an alum was a very exhilarating experience and gave me an opportunity give back by adding to the joy of the moment,” said Alona Barnes (Class of ’07, B.A., physical education/pre-physical therapy). “I can remember the feeling of accomplishment and the sense of new beginnings that I had as I approached the stage in 2007, starting on an incredible journey to find a place where I can take all of these tools and lessons I've acquired and put them to good use.”

Many CSU Dominguez Hills alumni have found that place at their alma mater.

Guy Witherspoon (Class of ’91, B.S., computer information systems; ’93, M.A., social and behavioral science; ’01, MBA) is the executive director of Associated Students, Inc. (ASI).

“Each year it does my heart good to see thousands of men and women receive their degrees, says Witherspoon, who was also a former ASI president. “It gives me a sense of accomplishment each time. Students are why we are here and our entire mission centers around them.”

Cheryl McKnight (Class of ’01, B.A., anthropology; ’04, M.A., English/TESL/linguistics), director of the Center for Service Learning, Internships, and Civic Engagement said that the university is “the campus of the people and more than most reflects the mission of CSU to make education available to everyone.”

“I strongly believe that educated people make for a strong community,” McKnight said. “The education I received at Dominguez Hills was outstanding. I am grateful for the dedication of the faculty and staff in helping me gain access to that education and I feel an outstanding obligation to return that hard work and dedication so that others will have the same educational opportunities.”

Beth Shibata (Class of ’90, M.A., English/TESL/linguistics) said that participating in the ceremony reminded her of how much her success meant to her parents.

“It also made me feel like a part of a river of time slowly moving forward to the future,” she said, “one that is shared by the sea of faces... ready to head out and seek their own paths.”

Shibata, a writer, poet, and photographer, said that her advice for the Class of 2010 was to “Dream big dreams, but be flexible and open to new directions and possibilities. Opportunities are all around and you may find your skills will come in handy in places you never would expect.”

Jurline Redeaux (Class of ’93, B.A., human services), admitted that the experience of participating in this year’s commencement “was more exciting then my actual graduation.” She said that her wish for the new graduates was for them to become involved with their university in the future.

“We need them to bring their talent and energy to help us give back to future Toros,” she said.

Martin Chavez (Class of ’82, B.S., public administration; ’83, M.P.A.) was enthusiastic over the fact that this year’s processional was the largest showing of alumni since his days at CSU Dominguez Hills. As the human resources development officer for the Port of Los Angeles and an active alumnus who serves on the CBAPP Advisory Board, he said that his participation in university activities is part of “a mission which we all share and it is one we do together, either directly or indirectly.”

“My participation gives me a chance to be there for the many students I met on campus, students I have worked with in the high schools, interns who have worked with me, and coworkers who have completed their bachelor’s degrees or pursued their master’s degrees at CSU Dominguez Hills. It is the chance to say without words, ‘We are proud of you!’”

For more information on Alumni Programs at CSU Dominguez Hills, click here.

- Joanie Harmon

Photo above: Alumni are welcomed back to CSU Dominguez Hills by President Mildred García.

Pictured are:

Porsche Gordon, director, Alumni Programs
Oliver Mbolo, ’01, B.S., business administration/information systems
Joanie Harmon, ’03, B.A., interdisciplinary studies/English
Norma Rodriguez, ’02, B.A., interdisciplinary studies/general; ’04, M.A., psychology
Don Manning, ’08, B.S., business administration/human resources
Julia Crowder, ’00, B.A., liberal studies/recreation and leisure studies
Wheanokqueah Gilliam, ’07, B.S., public administration/financial management
Marian Henderson, ’98, B.S., sociology
Jurline Redeaux, ’93, B.A., human services/childhood and adolescents
Betty Bell, ’99, B.A., public administration/criminal justice; M.A., behavioral science/negotiation and conflict management
Frankie Stewart, ’83, B.A., sociology
Gregory Neely, ’09, B.S., business administration/management and human resources
Cheryl McKnight, ’01, B.A., anthropology/archaeology; ’04, M.A., English/TESL/linguistics
Florencia Ruiz, ’09, B.A., interdisciplinary studies/general
Ben Dominguez, ’71, B.A., general studies
Beth Shibata, ’90, M.A., English/TESL
Susan Lewis, ’82, business administration/class management
Yvette Velarde, ’96, B.S., clinical sciences/ nuclear medical technology; ’01, MPA
Jill Aguilar, ’84, B.A., philosophy; B.A., psychology; M.A., education/teaching and curriculum
Dorothy Phillips, ’84, M.S., business administration
Martin Chavez, ’82, public administration, ’85, MPA
Haleemon Anderson, ’05, B.A., English literature
Guy Witherspoon, ’91, B.S., business administration/class management, computer information systems; ’93, M.A., behavioral science/negotiation and conflict; ’01, MBA
Gail Bosfield, ’99, B.A., human services; ’04, M.A., education
Saundra Bosfield, ’98, M.S., nursing/nurse educator
Dylan Lewis, ’94, B.A., English; B.A. interdisciplinary studies; ’04, M.A., humanities
Natasha Smith-Patterson, ’08, B.A., recreation and leisure studies
LaNita Wilson, B.A., human services; M.S., marriage and family therapy
Alona Barnes, ’07, B.A., physical education/pre-physical therapy
Delarie Brooks, ’82, B.A., English
Ophelia Dixon, ’87, B.A., psychology; B.A., sociology
Dora Nowden, ’86, B.S., business administration/class management
Claude Harris, ’05, B.S., business administration/information systems
Jami Enosara, ’02, B.S., business administration/management
Cedrick Hicks, ’99, M.A., behavioral science/negotiation and conflict management



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