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WebComm Request Protocols

Our protocols for handling internal requests are designed to maximize service levels to the campus.

Average expected turnaround time on standard requests are within one to two days during normal traffic unless otherwise specified. Additional delays may occur during times of peak traffic, short staffing, or reduced operating hours.

Why submit requests in this format?

Request Queue Priority:

Priority of requests are determined with consideration to the following criteria order:

  1. Impact to campus critical services /
    Presidential or executive level request
  2. Time sensitivity of content
  3. Requested urgency (situationally determined)
    • Queue Priority can be requested by marking the request with "Importance:High" importance high in Outlook. [How?]
  4. Time request was received or modified

Follow Up Contact by WebComm:

In cases where additional information or modifications to the request are required by WebComm, an attempt to contact the department will occur in the following order:

  1. Initiator of request will be contacted by email and/or phone
  2. If the request initiator is immediately unreachable, and a possibility for loss of queue priority exists, then an attempt will be made to contact additional persons directly included in the request (not cc'd.)
  3. In cases of critical issues, the section director, VP, or dean may be contacted.