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Use FireFTP on FireFox

FireFTP is a free FTP client for Mizilla Firefox. It can be downloaded at FireFox Add-on Site.

User Guide from FireFTP can be found at FireFTP support site.


First of all, FireFox browser will need to be installed before installing FireFTP. Once opened the page from the above link, click on the "Add to FireFox" button to download and install the add-on. Once the installation is completed, restart the FireFox browser.
Restart FireFox Screenshot

Add FireFTP icon on Toolbar

Once installed the FireFTP add-on, it can be run by clicking on the FireFTP item under the Tools Menu.
Tools Menu screenshot

For convenient access, the FireFTP icon can also be added on the toobar menu under FireFox.

Click on the Customize... item on the Toolbars menu under View on the browser menu bar.
Customize Toolbar menu screenshot

Scrool down until you can see the FireFTP icon FireFTP icon. Drag the FireFTP icon to the toolbar on the ForeFox browser.
FireFTP icon under Customize Toolbar screen shot

When clicked on the FireFTP icon the first time, a donation page, FireFTP Charity Project, will be opened along with the FireFTP tab. If you wish to donate, click on the donate button on this page and follow the instructions. If not, just close the donation page tab.

How to set up profile

Click on the Create an account... dropdown menu on the left top corner, right underneath the FireFTP tab.  This only need to be done when creating a new profile. If a profile is already created, click on this dropdown menu to select which profile you are going to connect.
Create Account screent shot

The Account Manager window will open up.  Under the Main tab, Give a name to Account Name. this account name is just a profile name under FireFTP.  It does not have to match any site name or user name you were given.  Host is the host address or the FTP server address. 
Account Manager Main Tab screen shot

Under the Connection tab in the Account Manager window, type in the Local and Remote path information.  Local is the location or path to be accessed on your local hard drive.  Remote is the location on the FTP server, the FTP folder/directory name.
Connection tab screen shot

How to upload/Download Files

Once logged in and connected, you will see your local drive folders and files on the left side and the remote site folders and files on the right side.  The upload and download buttons Upload download buttonsare in the middle between local and remote.
Local and remote screen shot

To upload files/folders: Open the directory where you will upload the files/folders under the Remote site. Hightlight the files/folders in the local site area. Click the Upload button to upload the file from local site to remote site.

To download files/folders: Open the directory where you will save the downloaded  files/folders under the Local site. Hightlight the files/folders in the remote site area. Click the Download button to download the files/folders from remote site to local site.